About us

Our wish for every scholarship recipient:

“To advance in life through education so much as to be able to help others”

The goal: to use scholarships to help hard-working, talented, but needy young people to study at the universities of Latvia.

The Vītols Fund was registered with the Company Register of the Republic of Latvia on April 4, 2002. It was founded by Vilis and Marta Vītols. At a general meeting on December 27, 2004, the legal structure of the fund was altered, and from an open public fund, it was turned into a foundation.

The foundation “Vītols Fund” was registered with the Company Register of the Republic of Latvia on January 26, 2005.

Key activities:

  • Informing the target audience of the possibilities of scholarships;
  • Educating the society of the opportunities offered by the foundation;
  • Partnership with existing and potential students and supporters of the foundation;
  • Attracting new donations.

According to complicated financial situation in Latvia’s rural areas, the founders of the Vītols Fund decided to focus on giving scholarships to talented, but needy students who otherwise would not be able to obtain the higher education.

The main requirement for the applicant is a high grade point average (7.5 points or more in a 10 point system), as well as satisfaction of at least one of the following:

  • The applicant comes from a low-income family; 
  • The applicant is an orphan, is being brought up by one parent or comes from a large family;
  • The applicant has achieved exceptional results in a regional, national or international competition involving education, sports or talent.

The initial endowment of the Vītols Fund was 1,000,000 Latvian lats (LVL), i.e., approximately 1 700 000 EUR at that time, donated by Vilis and Marta Vitols in 2002. The foundation deposited it in a permanent endowment and scholarships are based on money received as interest on the deposits. 

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