The Vītols Fund was established on April 4, 2002, by Vilis and Marta Vītols.

Vilis un Marta Vītoli

Vilis and Marta Vītoli

Vilis Vītols was born in Rīga, and in 1944 he and his family left Latvia.  After four years in Germany, mostly at a camp for displaced Latvians in Esslingen, the family moved to Venezuela in 1948.  Mr Vītols completed high school there, and in 1956 he received a degree as a civil engineer from the Venezuelan Central University.  In 1961, he married Marta Grīnšteina.  Immediately after their wedding, he moved to the United States where, with the support of the Ford Foundation, he pursued and received his master’s degree in one year’s time.  Afterward Mr Vītols worked for the largest construction company in Venezuela, Precomprimido C.A.

In 1964, Mr Vītols and his father opened their own design bureau.  Mr Vītols was a member of the Venezuelan Latvian Association and, for a while, the South American Latvian Association.  He was the latter organisation’s board chairman for two years.  Mr Vītols was a board member of the World Federation of Free Latvians for six years, as well as a founding member and Venezuelan representative of the Latvian Freedom Fund.  From 1992 until the beginning of 1999, Mr Vītols was Latvia’s honorary consul general in Venezuela.  The family returned to Latvia on March 23, 1999, and Mr Vītols is still active in his career.

Marta Vītola (née Grīnšteina) was born in Auce, and at the age of two, in 1944, left Latvia with her family.  After three years at Fulda in Germany, the family moved to Venezuela, where Mrs Vītols finished elementary school and high school, with classes being taught in Spanish.  In 1968, she received her dental degree from the Venezuelan Central University.  She and Mr Vītols have five children – architect Kristīne, civil engineer Laura, systems engineer Māra, civil engineer Vilis, and lawyer Marta.  Vilis and Marta earned master’s degrees in the United States.  All of the children are married and have their own families.  Mrs Vītols has devoted her life to her family.  She is a wonderful mother and grandmother.

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